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The Raffle

Highlights - Main Prizes


1st Prize: -

A/an ....... to a value of over EUR 0.000.


2nd Prize: -

The winner of this prize will receive ...  The prize has a total value of EUR 0.000.


3rd Prize: -

A/an .......... awaits the lucky winner of the third prize. This prize is worth over EUR 0.000.


... plus many more surprises!

Instant Prizes

We would like to thank all our sponsors, who have supported us with instant prizes for the Bachelor & Master Gala 2017 raffle.
The following partners have given their support:




Tickets can be purchased from our sales staff during the gala dinner.
You can also buy tickets directly from the raffle booth . Tickets are sold as single units at 1 Euro each.


Tickets displaying a number will win an instant prize.


Main Prizes
The main prize draw will take place on stage in the main area at 00:10hrs.
All tickets purchased, which do not win an instant prize, may enter the main draw by simply writing your name on the ticket and depositing it in the raffle box at the raffle booth.


Collection of Prizes
Prizes can be collected at the raffle booth on production of the raffle ticket.
Main prizes must be collected directly on stage in the main area after the drawn.


The legal process is excluded.
No correspondence will be conducted in connection with the raffle.