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Vision & Mission

In 2017, the students of the University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg are staged a Bachelor & Master Gala under the motto “Networking“,  setting a new social accent in Vorarlberg. Students2Business will, after a successful premiere, make this a fixed event in the following years in order to strengthen the ties between business and students.


The Goal

The goal of Students2Business is to underline and further the high value of education, business and its interconnection in Vorarlberg - thereby facilitating a face-to-face exchange with the general public within the framework of a social event.


Getting Connected

Over the last few years, the University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg has become increasingly important to business.

In the meantime this is reflected through numerous strong partnerships with the business community of Vorarlberg and the surrounding area. This can also be seen in the importance placed by business on networking and precisely this must be fostered.